New Update: Assist Mode

If you’ve tried the original experience and found it too demanding, you might want to try Elliot’s Assist Mode.

What is Assist Mode?

Assist Mode is a new play mode we’ve added for those players who find the original mode too demanding.

How does it work?

  • With Assist Mode, you can visualize Elliot’s dash trajectory. We’ve added a previsualization in three colours:
    · Yellow: when you’re going to crash into an enemy.
    · Red: when you’re going to crash into something which will lead to your death.
    · Blue: for all other cases.
  • In Assist Mode, you have longer to decide where to direct your dash. In other words, charging the dash takes longer than in Original Mode.
  • In Assist Mode, notes collected last longer – that is, once caught, the note is kept. If you die, you must not go back for it in the next level attempt.
  • In Assist Mode, levels are automatically unblocked as you collect notes.
    Find yourself stuck on a level with no way out? Don’t worry, take a look at the level selection menu and see how many notes are needed to unblock the next level.

How to play using this new mode?

You can activate Assist Mode starting a new game. But if you don’t want to lose what you’ve already achieved, you can activate it at any moment from the Options menu.

Other improvements:

  • Visually enhanced charge screen.
  • We’ve added 10 suggestions which appear on the charge screen when you choose Main Menu.
  • We’ve fixed a few minor bugs.

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