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schedule12 Jul, 2021

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Elliot's Anniversary

Elliot's First Anniversary

Hi there!

It has been a year already since our little creature Elliot (and Manuel of course) appeared for the first time on Steam and from Plain and Game studio we want to share some lines to thank you all for this amazing experience.

When the project started, almost 3 years ago, we were not even a team. Edu, programmer and game designer, started drafting some ideas and developing a very early prototype. Then he started to look for people who wanted to join the team, the adventure. Some people joined but left early. Some time passed and after a couple of months the final team was assembled: Marta (level artist), Diego (artist/animator), Sebastià (musician/sound designer) decided to work on the project. They signed a contract where, in summary, they were saying something like: “I believe in the project, I will put my effort on it, if we get any money we share it”. This was absolutely unbelievable and that’s how and when the project really started.

We had no funds at all, but we worked hard to make Elliot the best game we could. We made it. We published on Steam. Then on consoles with Jandusoft. Then we went to Asia with EastAsiaSoft. And now here we are, thanks to you all.

Thank you all for being there, supporting this small project, for playing it, for giving us some feedback (either positive or not so…), for sharing it, for talking about it, for anything and everything. Without your help it would have been impossible to even publish, to reach all of you. Thank you again and we promise to be back soon with another little project full of love.

Best of best,

Diego, Sebastià, Marta, Edu.
Plain and Game Studio.

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