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The main essence of Elliot

Elliot is a single player, hard but rewarding 2D classic platformer. It explores fresh mechanics keeping an old-school flavour.

Elliot is so cute … but …

Don’t be fooled by the aesthetics of this videogame. Elliot is very cute and colorful , yes, but it’s a precision platformer that will surprise you. Don’t be confident!

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Plain and Game studio is the indie studio behind Elliot. We are a gang of 4 people doing our best to release our first title without any external funding.


Programmer and designer in Elliot. I started this adventure and I am really happy to have found such a great team on the way. I love interaction with the community so please don’t hesitate to send me an email through the Contact page!


Father, violinist, gamer, youtuber and composer in Elliot. I can distinguish between butter and what looks like butter.


Artist and digital animator in Elliot! I really enjoy leading the game’s art. My biggest inspiration is my home: Galápagos.


I’m one of the artists and designers in Elliot. My main job is to bring life to every level. The first thing I do when I wake up is turn on the computer, make my coffee and spend a few minutes looking at my fish tank. I love fishes. Blu, blu!

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